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Experience Exponential Brand Growth With 7xGrowth's Facebook Ad Expertise.

Reduce your CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) and surpass your ROI (Return on Investment) targets with data-driven creative solutions from a top-tier Instagram digital marketing agency.

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Book A Free 30 Minute Introductory Session & Let's Talk About Growth. 

We'll Shoulder The Burden.
So You Can Sit Back And Relax.

Here's What To Expect From Our Facebook Ads Service

Facebook Pixel &
Ad Account Setup

For clients who are just starting out, FB Pixel on the website & Ad Account setups can be pretty confusing. Well, we've got you covered.

We will install all necessary conversion trackers and also provide ideas to improve your landing page.

We also help clients with restricted Ad Accounts to get back on track.

Ad Creation & Video Production

If you're just starting out or you're already an established brand you understand that video creation can be a daunting task. Say no more, because our creative team is filled with the best content writers, video editors, concept creators & equipped with advanced tools to generate Ads that help supersede the competition.

Data Driven Optimisation & Analysis

When it comes to Digital Marketing, DATA is the king. What you may like may not appeal the same way to audience while what you may dislike might do wonders. And trust us, often times that's the case. Therefore, we use an intensive data driven approach to optimise and plan Ads. We also use AI for deep analysis and understanding of insights.

Improved CPA & Above Average ROAS

Our detailed Ad Analysis, researched Ad setup, funnels, audience targeting, data-driven negative targeting, deep audience insights and behaviour analysis and an awesome video creation team helps us reduce CPAs to boost your ROAS.

Every business is different & therefore we tailor make every campaign to make sure it reaches the right audience.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

7x took care of the most important thing of my business. THE SALES. I hired 7xGrowth in 2021 to handle just the website. Then I got to know that they also do Ads & Social Media. Upon giving them the job, I was overwhelmed. The amount of response my small restaurant was getting.. I had never seen it before. Soon after, my restaurant was a hotspot in the area which everyone knew about. I really like working with them and I hope I'll continue to do so.

Orion Flynn, New Jersey

Industries We Work In


Real Estate

Consumer Goods(FMCG)

Beauty & Personal Care



Food & Hospitality





Web / Phone Apps

Coach / Influencers / Educators

The Process

Step 1: Schedule the Introductory Session (30 Minutes)

Our client onboarding process begins with a 30-minute introductory session. During this session, we'll cover the following key points:

  • Introduction and Icebreaker: We'll introduce our team and establish a friendly, professional rapport.

  • Client Goals and Objectives: We'll listen to your advertising goals, target audience, budget, and any existing advertising efforts.

  • Present Our Agency: We'll provide an overview of 7x Growth, showcasing our experience, expertise, and successful case studies.

  • Process and Expectations: We'll outline our onboarding process, emphasizing transparency, communication, and setting realistic expectations.

  • Q&A and Concerns: We encourage you to ask questions and address any concerns you may have.

Step 2: Proposal and Agreement

Following our introductory session, we'll prepare a detailed proposal. This proposal will outline our services, pricing, and terms, aligning with the goals and expectations discussed during the session.

Step 3: Onboarding

Once you accept our proposal and sign the agreement, we'll kick off the onboarding process. This includes gathering necessary access and assets, setting up communication channels, and developing a tailored Facebook advertising strategy.

Step 4: Ongoing Communication and Optimization

Throughout our partnership, we maintain open lines of communication. We provide regular campaign performance reports, make adjustments as needed, and continuously optimize your Facebook Ads to achieve or exceed your objectives.

Content That Deliver Results.


The 7-7-7 Rule

7x Figure Revenue. 7x ROI. 7x Growth.

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